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December 13th, 2006


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In the last newsletter I said I liked the long side of Gold more then the downside. Gold prices moved from the mid $620's at that time up to $650 area.  It couldn't get above that $650-$655. I didn't think that would be as big of resistance as it was.

It is in the upper $620's as of this writing.
$615 area looks like ok support at this point. If I was long gold (which I am not) I would probably exit if that level broke.  I still feel gold has better long opportunities then short.

So right now their is about $20 on the upside to get to the resistance in the $650 area.  And about $13-$15 on the downside to get to support.  So pretty close to in the middle but still offers decent risk/reward to the upside I think.
I do not own a gold contract at this time.


ALWAYS LOG INTO EGOLD VIA bookmark it, and use your bookmark to go to the site rather than via any e-mail or link online.

PLEASE USE YOUR HEAD WHEN IT COMES TO E-MAIL. Egold/Paypal will NEVER e-mail you asking you to log in, so when you get an e-mail like that DELETE IT.


You can always find the current issue of Alley Cat News on the website under Newsletter.


I have extended the discounted price of the software package until after the holidays.  As I know it is a busy time for a lot of folks.  So the deadline for the $79 rate is now January 10th 2007.  However after that date I will be pulling the software package off the market for a minimum of 60 days. (Maybe for good I haven't decided yet.) IF/When we do offer the package again it will be more than double its current price.

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I didn't have a chance to prepare a chart for you this week hopefully I will have one for you in early January.

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I have also updated the StockDoubling site with the "other 4" stocks that I felt had a good chance of doubling check out the news section for more details on that.

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 Here at Alley Cat News we are working on some HUGE News for the coming year.  We are still putting it all together.  But if you are interested in investing passively don't have the time to trade yourself we may have a big deal for you. 

Look for an announcement the first week of January! The way it is looking right now it will be limited so make sure if it is something you are interested in, you act when you see the announcement.  I can't give out anymore information then that until the deal is finalized.


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They don't have the best spreads on all currency pairs but they are in the ballpark.  So if you are just starting out and looking to start with little money they are a good place to start.  Also if looking for hard to find currency pairs they may have it.  They offer spreads on 26 different currency pairs.

 * Have an enjoyable Christmas and Happy New Year. Make your goals and plans for the year. I hope we at Alley Cat News can help you get to the goals.



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