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December 2nd, 2004


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GOLD PRICES are moving up and up. Hitting $457 an ounce earlier today. The Gold trade that I placed back in October is looking very good. (It was a Bull Contract for Gold to be above $427 an ounce as of mid December) I hope the rally continues. I was looking back at some of our past Newsletters. Back in January we mentioned that we thought Gold could reach $500 an ounce however we felt extremely confident in at least $450 an ounce. Well it made it to $450 an ounce. I didn't think it would take this long but hey the year isn't over yet.

Its hard to say where Gold is heading now. I am more of a technical trader support/resistance etc.. And being at 16 year highs that can be tough to tell. I do feel we will at least hit $500 at some point before this Gold Rally is over but I don't think we we will go straight to it from these levels. Two areas of support I would like to see Gold hold on to would be $450 an ounce (which I feel is a bit weaker support) and $430 an ounce. If I seen Gold trickle down to the $430 an ounce range I would probably be interested in taking a chance at going long again but we will have to see about that later. Long term I am still quite bullish unless $430 an ounce would break.


ALWAYS LOG INTO EGOLD VIA bookmark it and use your bookmark to go to the site rather than via any e-mail or link online.

PLEASE USE YOUR HEAD WHEN IT COMES TO E-MAIL. Egold/Paypal will NEVER e-mail you asking you to log in, so when you get an e-mail like that DELETE IT.


Nasdaq Profit Trading Update

Nasdaq Profit Trades again had ANOTHER WINNING MONTH for November. (3-1 for the top NPT trades, and 6-4 for all NPT trades) In the last 3 months we are winning 66% of our top trades and 63% of all our other NPT trades!!

December has started off with a HUGE win. Someone trading 1 emini Nasdaq would be up $600 already! LAST YEAR DECEMBER WAS A HUGE MONTH FOR NPT, GOING 7-2 ON BETONMARKETS AND MAKING IT A VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON. Hopefully we will have just as good of December this year.

IF YOU DON'T HAVE ALL THE NPT TRADES + the Secondary system check out

Below is a chart of our trade for Nov. 22nd it was a WINNER!!

  Click for Large Image

Click on the chart for a bigger version.


We have on average 6-8 trades per month.

When you trade yourself you control your $$$$; if you are tired of HYIP's that change the rules after you invested or just plain disappear, you may want to look into trading for yourself.



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If you paid off the Credit Card you now have No debt and just saved yourself $150 in future interest payments. You also don't have $$$ to invest in the market but you have less expenses as well since you don't have to make a monthly Credit card payment.

If you decided to invest the $1000 in the stock market what would happen? Well let's say you have a good year and make 15% in a year. (Historical average is around 10%). You did great you now have $1150 in the stock market and you want to pay off your debt. The Problem is you had to buy/sell the stock and use a brokerage to do that, also you now have to pay taxes on that $150. So after taxes and brokerage fees you actually have a Net of 11-12% profit or $110-$120. But you have to pay out $1150 to your credit card company. So even though you ended up making 15% on your money you end up LOSING $30-40!!!

Same goes for your mortgage payment. Sure interest rates are low even if you have 6% fixed rate with amortization your paying more like 90% a month. Just look at your mortgage statement for this month look how much is going to interest and how much is going to principal. That 6% rate is very deceiving as it is NOT simple interest.

Even Warren Buffet who knows a thing or two about the markets says he doesn't expect returns of more then 6-7% in the markets in the near term. After brokerage commissions, taxes, and inflation the real return if we got 7% would be closer to 4-5%. Also remember for a period of 18 years from 1965-1982 the Dow index went up less then 20%. That isn't 20% per year that is 20% for the entire 18 years or just over 1% return per year. Now I am not saying I see that in our future, however their is no guarantee in the markets however you do have a GUARANTEED return when you pay off your debts.

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* You can sign up for the trading newsletter at our website

Just fill out the form on the website for the NEW Trading Newsletter. You will get between 1-3 emails a week from that newsletter. It will talk about Gold Prices, Forex, Stock Indices, and maybe from time to time a stock that I really like.

* INTgold and are going at it. Each saying the other is a scammer. INTgold is a leading ecurrency that many cyclers, and small mlm type companies use. Capitalex is one of the biggest ecurrency exchangers in the business. With the closure of Evocash just a month or two ago I would hate to see another ecurrency fold. Though I have my doubts that they will fold one never knows in this industry.

*Evocash has been quiet as of late hopefully they are working on all the checks they need to send out and not just working on their get away plan.

* Has the holidays claimed a couple of High profile programs? As mentioned in previous newsletter and is actually talked about each year by us at this time. From Mid October through January is a DANGEROUS time in the HYIP arena as you usually see at least 1 high profile program bite the dust. One high profile cycler has recently changed its rules to claim to be more stable long term or is it because they have to extend the cycle times for the Ponzi to work? If you were REALLY getting those kind of returns with 1000-2000 people sending you money why can't you get those returns when 5000+ are in your program? If they are REALLY investing the money coming into them it shouldn't matter if they have $100,000 or $5,000,000. If you can get the returns you get the returns. That is a BIG Red Flag in my opinion.

Yet another high profile cycler has been slow with withdrawals.

PIPS (Pure Investor) a program that has been around for years is also having problems with people claiming not being able to get there withdrawal for 4 weeks+. When their are delays like this it is NEVER a good sign. Some people are even reporting PIPS to the authorities which doesn't bode well for them either. PIPS actually had some problems a year + ago but was able to recover from them however whether they recover from this is yet to be seen. Hopefully for investors sake they will be able to.

Of course when a big high profile program that has been around for years begins to have problems. You have some members with blinders on willing to defend the company to the end. RARELY has any BIG HYIP that ever had prolonged withdrawal issues recovered to continue operations that is usually the beginning of the end.


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