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September 8th, 2005


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It has been a while since my last newsletter so I haven't updated my Gold prices commentary in a while. I will break it down based on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts.

On the Daily chart things are a bit tougher to figure I think. There is some resistance in the $446-$447 area that I would like to see close above. On the Weekly Chart, the key is to close the week above $446 area. If it does it should test the highs set for last December. On the Monthly chart there is a nice uptrend line and things continue to remain bullish on the Monthly chart unless we close below $430 an ounce.



ALWAYS LOG INTO EGOLD VIA ,bookmark it, and use your bookmark to go to the site rather than via any e-mail or link online.

PLEASE USE YOUR HEAD WHEN IT COMES TO E-MAIL. Egold/Paypal will NEVER e-mail you asking you to log in, so when you get an e-mail like that DELETE IT.



You can always find the current issue of Alley Cat News on the website under Newsletter.


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A New edition of the newsletter will be published next week. If you would like to get the newsletter go to and subscribe to the free newsletter. We also have a contest each month so check it out.

This article was published back in January but due to the many new subscribers, I thought I would publish it again:


What would you rather do for 2005, Make an additional $10,000 of income or SAVE $25,000 of your $$$ for the year?

Hopefully you answered $25,000 in savings. If not check your math.

Here are a few ways to save that $25,000 this year.


1. MORTGAGE- You are probably throwing away hundreds of dollars each month. And I am not talking about refinancing. Learn a better way to use your mortgage to your advantage. You could save $14,000 or MORE this year by using your mortgage the RIGHT WAY. You could build $40,000+ in equity into your home quickly and have your house paid off in 1/3 of the time. Not having a Mortgage or rent payment could do wonders for your finances and give you peace of mind. It doesn't matter where you live in the World. This information is worth reading. For more information on saving on your mortgage, check out this site. CLICK HERE

2. TAXES- Though they are different in every country, here in the US you can get MAJOR tax breaks for having your own small business or home business. A person/family could be getting $5,000-$7,000+ in tax deductions! And to take advantage of the tax breaks, you don't need to be making a full time income from the business. You need a business from which you are trying to make a profit. The tax savings, whether you rent or own your home, can be tremendous. Do you have your own office in your home? Part of your rent/mortgage can be deducted. Part of your phone, Internet, and electric bills can all be deducted. Gas Mileage is a big one. Do you drive around town for your small business? Examples of this are setting up meetings, running to the Post Office, going to the business supply store etc.. Well, that mileage is tax deductible at roughly .33 a mile. Think of it this way: if you own a business and aren't taking this deduction, it's like you are throwing $1 away every 3 miles. Try that sometime. Throw out $1 bills for every 3 miles you drive and I am sure that will help you visualize it much better. Of course talk to your Tax advisor prior to making deductions etc...

Let me say, I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO STOP PAYING TAXES NOR I AM TALKING about getting an offshore bank account etc.. I know that kind of stuff goes around the Internet. I am, however, talking about legit ways for you to save on your taxes. These are perfectly legal and put in the tax code by members of Congress. There is no point of overpaying your Taxes if you don't have to. IT IS YOUR MONEY AND YOU WILL NEVER GET IT BACK IF YOU OVERPAY.

A couple of good resources to learn more about the Tax Deductions for home businesses are Lower your Taxes-Big Time by Sandy Botkin. You can find this book at for about $11.

Also MLM Tax Helper can be found at The cost on this software varies.

3. GAS SAVINGS- I know that many people get excited about Gas prices rising and falling but there are ways to save on this as well.

Let's say your family has 2 vehicles and each uses 15 gallons of gas a week so that's 30 gallons total. If you pay $2 a gallon, that is $60 a week in gas or about $3,000 a year in gas. Well, you can save up to 35% of that with a New Product called "Enviro-Max Plus--Fuel Catalyst." On the above example, you could save up to $1,000 a year on your Gas purchases with this product.


So all together that is almost $25,000 in real savings back in your bank this year!! People try to work and work to make extra money which is fine. But if you are working 10 hours extra to make an extra $100 but then spending $200 that you shouldn't be spending, you are still in the hole. Why not take that 10 hours and use it this time to SAVE that $200?


The mortgage information could take maybe 20 hours to read through, understand, and implement. And it might take an additional 1 hour a month. So altogether that is 30 hours of time and effort to save $14,000 this year. Is it worth it?

The Taxes information could take 100 hours to read the books, implement etc. But saving $5,000-$7,000 would make that worth about $50-$70 an hour!

The Gas Savings would take maybe 5 hours in a YEAR. But could save you $1000. Is that worth it?

Better yet is the fact if you are actually saving money, that is NET to you. For example, if you saved $10,000 in 2005 by using these strategies or others, that $10,000 is in your pocket. If you earned $10,000 from a job, you would still have to take taxes out of that etc... So your Net could be $7500-$8000.

USE YOUR MONEY MORE WISELY. Take the time to understand where your money is going and where you can save. You don't need to pinch every penny. I surely don't but you don't need to just waste THOUSANDS of DOLLARS every year either. You only have so much income coming in so use it wisely and build financial security.




Forex System Update


The Simple Forex challenge page has been updated and is available at

We took it on the chin in August and couldn't seem to get our feet under us. But unlike some systems/programs, I post REAL results not hypothetical stuff and I will post losers when I have them.

I break things down month to month which I think is the best way to do things. You get all the news reports under your belt for the month that way rather than just looking for a daily or weekly target.

Getting just 100 pips a month with the money management I use for the Forex Challenge would return roughly 20% per month!

The price includes 3 months of Chat Room support (You can watch the "$282 Forex Challenge") and a 90 day Money back guarantee. I want you to be satisfied with the trading system and if not, you will get your money back.

I didn't have time in this newsletter to build a chart but I will have 2 charts in the next newsletter- a winner and a loser.

This system is for people who have patience. If you are looking for lots of action, this isn't for you. If you are looking for profitable trading month after month, this may be what you are looking for.






* Allie Katherine Hoven was born on September 2nd! She was 6 lbs and 6 ounces at birth. My wife liked the name Allie Katherine and it didn't dawn on her until I said "Cool, I will have my ALLEY CAT." She wasn't too happy that I would call her that but hey, I have something that she can work on in about 20 years. I know it's not the same spelling but my daughter is my little Alley Cat mascot (Allie Katherine).


* HYIP's have been getting whacked lately with DDOS attacks. There are pros and cons to investing in HYIP's. The only pros I can come up with is that it's a passive way to make good returns. The cons are that you are sending $$$ to people who you do not know. They could be pyramiding. Other cons are that if they are actually trading your money, they might not be good traders. Three other reasons to be cautious of investing in HYIP's are possible DDOS attacks, possible Gov't closure of the program, or the administration could just walk away with the $$$. And there are many many more I am sure.

And HYIP isn't totally passive as you have to do some research to know which ones to invest with in the first place. So why not take that time you spend researching the next HOT HYIP and do your own trading. You can start Betonmarkets trading for $10, Forex Trading for $200, and Futures trading for $1000. So trading nowadays is even for the person who doesn't have alot to invest to start with. And be serious, even if you invest $100 in an HYIP, you aren't going to be turning that into $1000 anytime soon. That is if the program actually lasts for a couple years. Which very few programs do.


* I post this each year and each year I post it a little earlier in the year but the holidays usually are pretty rough on HYIP programs. MANY top HYIP programs have fallen hard just before/after the Thanksgiving-New Year holiday time (End of Nov.-early Jan). If you are in HYIP's, seriously consider withdrawing a good portion of your funds now in September and at the LATEST early Oct. That will give you enough time for the program to process withdrawals etc.. If you wait until Nov. when everyone else needs their money for the Holidays, as well, the Admin could just walk away. Everyone needs extra money for the holidays including HYIP admins. So start withdrawing NOW. And if the program survives the holidays, invest again in Late Jan. or Feb. All you really will miss are 2-3 months of interest. Not a big deal vs losing your ENTIRE investment.


* My contact information is always at the bottom of each Newsletter.


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