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August 27th, 2004


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GOLD PRICES broke $410 an ounce earlier this week however didn't close above the $415 area. And have since moved down $10+ an ounce. Unless it gets above $415 an ounce I wouldn't be a buyer of gold.

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Nasdaq Profit Trading Update

Nasdaq Profit Trades has 2 wins and 1 loss for the month of August with one more trade planned in August. Below is a chart of August 19th WINNING Short trade. We won the trade by about 2 points.

  Click for Large Image

Click on the chart for a bigger version.


We have on average 6-8 trades per month.

When you trade yourself you control your $$$$; if you are tired of HYIP's that change the rules after you invested or just plain disappear, you may want to look into trading for yourself.


NOTE: The New NPT system pricing is up on the NPT website. You will have all the NPT trades for the entire year! You don't have to wait for me to send you an e-mail each week with the NPT trades for the week you will have them ALL. Any date that has a 60% winning rate over the last 30 years you will have the date, win/loss rate, and winning %, plus whether the trade is one of the top 20 trading days of the year.

For example the information would be like this.......

August 7th 16 UP 8 DOWN 66% UP. So trading days that fall on August 7th the Nasdaq finishes UP that day 66% of the time. So you would want to be long that day. (This year August 7th was a Sat. in 2 years it will be on a Monday)

August 14th 16 UP 8 DOWN 66% UP. So trading days that fall on August 14th the Nasdaq finishes UP that day 66% of the time. So you would want to be long that day. (This year August 14th was a Sat. in 2 years it will be on a Monday)

August 28th and 29th both were 15 UP days 9 Down days or UP 62.5%. Those days fall on Sat and Sunday this year However next year they will be Sunday and Monday and you would be able to trade on the 29th!

I will go into more details with the NPT system however that is a general overview. Especially if you currently are receiving the NPT trades you will benefit from knowing all the signals MONTHS ahead of time.

You will be able to pull out the system and look to see which trades you want to take this week or this month. We are offering a special until August 31st if you would like the NPT system just go to the NPT website for the details this is limited to 100 people in total. The NPT Yearly Trades will be emailed to those who ordered Late Next week.

Your comments on this question are welcome at


You can always find the current issue of Alley Cat News on the website under Newsletter.

Small business ideas

The Taxes idea went over well last week if you missed it check out the newsletter from last week on our website.

How to Choose, Start, and Succeed in Your Own
Part-Time Business

by Kevin Nunley

This is a great time to start your own business, even if you
have never thought of yourself as an entrepreneur. The
economy is getting tighter, may companies are laying people
off, and a paycheck doesn't go as far as it used to.

Meanwhile, Internet sales and mail order are booming.
We're also seeing record numbers of new home-based
businesses starting and succeeding. Getting in on this trend
now could be the smartest thing you do in the year ahead.

Here are some common sense tips to help you pick the right
business, get off on a good foot, and succeed over the long

Choosing Your Business

One of the reasons a great many businesses fail is the owner
jumped off into a field they didn't know much about. Your
best bet is to choose a business you have worked in as an
employee. Otherwise, plan to spend time researching the
topic in libraries and in conversations with people who are
already in your chosen industry.

Keep expenses down to a bare minimum in the beginning.
More than a few new start-ups blow their cash on a big
office, fine furnishings, and new computers. I started my
business years ago from a spare bedroom. A writer friend
realized her apartment was too small to house her business
and rented an unused room in a nearby office.

Plan on running your business part-time for the first year
while you keep a regular job. This may seem like the slow
way to get your project going, but a regular paycheck will
ensure you have plenty of time to give your business its best
shot at succeeding. Nothing torpedoes a new business like
expecting it to profit huge amounts of cash within the first
six months.

The easiest and cheapest business to start is a service you
can provide to other businesses. You may need little more
than an email address and a telephone number to get the ball

If you worked in accounts receivable for several years, help
businesses outsource their bookkeeping chores. A woman
in my town turned her 20 years of office experience into a
thriving home-based business by offering to help small
businesses straighten out their books. She placed ads in the
neighborhood newspaper and arranged to be interviewed for
an article.

Internet referral programs and mail order are two industries
that are thriving, easy to get into, and, while they may not
make you rich, are a good way to get started in your own
business. Many networking and reseller firms have changed
their strategy from "bug your friends" to "network on the
Net." These can be great ways to get experience selling
established products in an organization set up to encourage
home-based business. Look for an opportunity that has
been in business for at least three years.

Market in Many Ways

The key to your business success will likely be your ability
to market your products and services. Without marketing,
nothing sells. It helps if you set up your business from the
beginning with affordable marketing in mind.

Your business should give you the opportunity to promote
in several ways:

1) Use a web component. The Internet lets you reach
thousands of targeted prospects at the cheapest price in
advertising history. Put up your own web site. Fill it with
good information, answers to the kinds of questions your
customers and prospects ask. Build your own opt-in email
list to stay in touch with customers. Nothing works as well
or as cheaply to build your reputation.

Work to get your site listed on the major search engines.
The top 2% of businesses on search engines account for
about 90% of the Net's money-making sites. Advertise
your business in ezines that reach your best prospects.
Some newsletters let you reach tends of thousands of
potential customers for $30 to $40.

2) Your business should also take advantage of face-to-face
marketing. When you talk to people in person, it is harder
for them to walk away without buying. One man, an
excellent sales person who closes more than 90% of all
sales, simply strikes up a conversation with people. Near
the end of the conversation he will mention his offer.
People almost always buy.

3) For all that has been said about the Internet, the good
old telephone is still the center of our business world. When
you spend time talking with someone on the phone, you
build a personal bond with them that often leads to a sale.

Before you get on the phone with a prospect or customer,
quickly jot down what you hope to accomplish with the call.
Don't let more than two or three minutes of conversation
go by without making an effort to achieve your goal. This
organized approach will help you stay away from long days
on the phone without much to show for it.

Be Determined

It doesn't matter what business you are in, there will be
days when you feel like you are spinning your wheels.
Realize that for every up trend there will eventually be a
down trend. When sales are slow or customers are difficult,
remind yourself that a turnaround for the best is always just
beyond the bend.

Much of business success has to do with simply showing up
for work every day. When people see you or hear about
you month after month, then year after year, your consistent
presence builds customer confidence. Confidence turns into
loyalty. Repeat customers and good word of mouth will
insure you get repeat sales for as long as you own your

Kevin Nunley provides marketing advice, copywriting, and
popular promotion packages at


YOUR $$$$$

(I am including the same information in this weeks YOUR $$$ section as was in last weeks Newsletter because I feel it is extremely important)

Hopefully by now you realize the power of a Home Business and the Tax Advantages that they offer. Below I am going to show you a little example of a way that you could put $500 or more a month back into your pocket. (Of course these are just estimates and each person will experience different amounts but the example is a powerful illustration of how it would work for you)

Jack makes $30,000 a year has a mortgage, Job, etc... He has a 30 year mortgage at a good rate, his job is secure and pays roughly $5,000 a year in taxes. Let's assume their is no inflation, no tax increase/decrease, everything is the exact same for 30 years.

At the end of 30 years Jack has paid off his Home, still has his job which he likes and pays $5,000 a year in taxes. Jack has actually paid $150,000 in taxes over that 30 years. (30 years x $5,000=$150,000) Jack also paid roughly $170,000 in interest on his mortgage. (6.5%/30 years/$135,000) (Assuming no re-fi etc..)

So all totaled Jack paid $150,000 in taxes + $170,000 interest on Mortgage or $320,000 in that 30 years.

JACK THREW AWAY $180,000 OVER THAT 30 YEARS. That averages out to $500 each and every month. A lot of people work 40-50 hours a month or to earn that kind of extra money and Jack just threw it away. I will show you how.....

Now lets assume the same thing with Jack, he has a $30,000 job that is secure, has 30 year mortgage payment, EVERYTHING IS THE EXACT SAME AS ABOVE EXCEPT 2 THINGS.



Jack has his own home business. Whether he his making $100 a year off it or $100,000 it doesn't matter as part of this example all that matters is he is making an effort to make the business work. Now with all the deductions he is able to take, (home office,phone,electric,mileage,trips etc...) instead of paying $5,000 a year in taxes he is only paying $2,000 in taxes each year. He is SAVING $3,000 EACH AND EVERY YEAR IN TAXES NO MATTER HOW WELL HIS BUSINESS DOES. Over a 30 year period that is $90,000 saved in HIS POCKET! (30 years x $3000=$90,000)

Jack also decides to use his money the RIGHT way when it comes to his mortgage and ends up paying off his mortgage by using the system that is talked about at Wise Mortgage. He uses the system and pays off his house in 10 years instead of 30. (just by using his money smarter) He saves 20 years of mortgage payments which gives him peace of mind plus he saved roughly $90,000 in INTEREST alone!

So he saved $90,000 in taxes + $90,000 in interest for his mortgage. A total savings of $180,000 over 30 years! Which averages out to $6,000 each and every year or $500 each month!


(If you make more than $30,000 a year or have a mortgage bigger than $135,000 you would save even MORE!)




(We here at Alley Cat News, invest very little in HYIP's anymore. We feel we get a better return investing ourselves through our own trading programs. (NPT,IPS,etc..) We also feel we can get a better return in our small business etc... We feel it is less risk and better long term reward)

None to report.



Other News you can use

* NPT System is on sale now for $69 the entire year system as explained above.

* The Forex System will be available on August 31st late in the day. I am extremely excited about it and feel that is the best system put together for the Forex. Look on our website late Tuesday for more details on the Forex System. The Forex System will be in limited supply so don't expect it to go on forever. (That isn't a marketing ploy just the facts. It will be available for a while but we are limiting the number of systems released so that good customer service can be provided)

The Forex System can be used for both Real market Forex Trading and Betonmarkets as well. So however you decide to trade we will have information for you. Forex mini accounts can be opened for as little as $200 as well.

* Sorry for the shorter Newsletter but I was/still am putting the final touches on the Forex System and the Information page.

Have a great weekend and talk again on Wednesday.

Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions

Thank you



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