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June 23rd, 2004



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GOLD PRICES have begun to move a bit higher since last week as they are approaching $400 an ounce. I would like to see a close above $402 an ounce; that would be a positive sign. On the downside, we have some decent support forming at $383-384 an ounce. I would probably consider a long position above $402 an ounce on a close and a short position if we closed below $383.

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ALWAYS LOG INTO E-GOLD VIA bookmark it and use your bookmark to go to the site rather than via any e-mail or link online.

PLEASE USE YOUR HEAD WHEN IT COMES TO E-MAIL. E-gold/Paypal will NEVER e-mail you asking you to log in, so when you get an e-mail like that DELETE IT.


Nasdaq Profit Trading Update

Currently we have a record of 3 wins and 2 losses for the Month of June. Below you will find the trade from June 16th. It was a WINNING trade by roughly 5 pts. Our special for the rest of the Year for NPT expires on Saturday evening. So if you have a desire to receive the NPT for the rest of the year please check out our special.

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We have on average 6-8 trades per month.

When you trade yourself you control your $$$$; if you are tired of HYIP's that change the rules after you invested or just plain disappear, you may want to look into trading for yourself.



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Small business ideas

The Small Business Administration Reports that:

Small businesses provide approximately 80 % of the net new jobs added to the economy annually. There were approximately 22.9 million small businesses in the U.S. in 2002. Small businesses represent 97.7 % of all employers. Small businesses employ 39 % of the high tech workers in the US such as scientists, engineers, and computer workers.

Very small businesses with fewer than 20 employees spend 60 % more per employee than larger businesses to comply with federal regulations.

Small businesses spend twice as much on tax compliance as their larger counterparts. Small businesses pay 44.3 percent of the total US private payroll. Do you realize that the majority of federal small business contracting dollars are going to Fortune 1000 companies and international conglomerates that receive over a billion dollars a year in revenue and not legitimate small businesses? A GAO and Congressional investigation prompted by Lloyd Chapman and M.I.S.A. confirmed this fact?

In light of these investigations the SBA has been forced to put forth a proposal to redefine a small business as having 100 employees or less?

If this proposal is passed it will bring approximately 30-50 billion dollars a year in small business contracts back to legitimate small businesses?



Do you want to be in the 3% category that makes big money in a small business?

The REAL question is are you willing to DO what 97% of everyone else DOESN'T? If the answer is no, then you probably won't make it in the 3% category. It can really break down to just that.

It doesn't matter what you do, trading, home business, truck driver, waitress, etc... The only way to get into the higher levels of income in any industry is by going the extra mile.

Being a small business owner is a great way to earn a living; however, if you really want big long term success it takes a lot of hard work. And quite honestly most people aren't willing to do the EXTRA work that is needed to be successful. I am not saying they aren't willing to work and work hard but they aren't willing to do ANYTHING that needs to be done.

In a network marketing company, for example, a person who wants to be earning $75,000+ a year within 12 months isn't going to get there by watching TV 2 hours a night while they should be making calls. Now there is nothing wrong with unwinding and watching some TV. The problem is it doesn't build your business and the 3% category of people aren't wasting that time. Many work long hours making phone calls or sending emails etc.. Some will work 12-14 hour days (if this is all they do) or 4-5 hours each night after they get done with their regular job. Now they may not do that forever but you bet they are doing it for the first 12 months until they are where they want to be. Commit yourself to 12 months of working EXTRA hard on the RIGHT things; if you do it and have the right business model, you can be in the 3% category.

If you are unwilling to then don't be surprised next year that you are making the same New Year's Resolutions to yourself. It's EXTREMELY EASY to be in the 97% category anyone can do it. However it takes a lot of time and work to get to the top. It is well worth the effort put in though once you are there.

Ask yourself what you REALLY have to lose?

Let's say that you have a regular job and the absolute most you could work on your own small business on the side would be 4 hours a day, 6 days a week. You figure with all the other activities, sleeping, eating, and some socializing etc... You can spare on average 4 hours a night 7-11pm each night. You decide you are willing to do that for a period of 12 months and aren't going to quit no matter what for 12 months.

What will you miss if you actually do that? Well more than likely you will miss some quality TV (if you really like it tape it to watch on Sunday) maybe you will miss a vacation or some nights out with friends a couple of times. You can fill in the blanks as well maybe you will miss other things. But more than likely it won't be anything you can't do without for a short period of time. BY NO MEANS AM I SAYING TO STAY AND HOME AND ONLY WORK, BUT IT SHOULD BE A BIG PRIORITY IF YOU WANT TO BE IN THE 3% CATEGORY AT LEAST SHORT TERM.

Now where are in you 12 months?

You have a business that is producing you $5-10,000 a month in income. You were able to quit the job that you so hated for the last few years. You have worked your tail off and now are going to take that 3 week vacation that you have been dreaming about for years! You have the money and time freedom to work when you want. You are now in the 3% category and have more time to spend with friends, family, and buy that big screen HDTV set that you have been drooling over.

Was it worth it?

Maybe you aren't interested in that kind of income. Maybe you only want to make a few hundred a month to help pay the bills. The same thing applies, maybe not to the extreme of the amount of time, but you will have to make sacrifices if you really want earn some income from your own business.

NO SINGLE PROGRAM, OPPORTUNITY, COMPANY IS RIGHT FOR EVERYONE! Small Business isn't about one size fits all, it is about the best fit for YOU! If you aren't happy with your business and if it doesn't excite you then more than likely you won't put the time in needed to make it work for you. So find something that works for you. We here at Alley Cat News have suggestions if you want to contact us or click on some of sponsors as well for ideas.


(We here at Alley Cat News, invest very little in HYIP's anymore. We feel we get a better return investing ourselves through our own trading programs. (NPT,IPS, Forex release in August) We also feel we can get a better return in our small business etc... We feel it is less risk and better long term reward)

* Bonded Investing has come out with a new program after their old one failed.

* E-gold's new Pin code security seems to be working nicely for most people and has stopped some hacking attempts. I know I am very pleased that E-gold implemented the change.

* Closing after Closing, Scam after Scam.


Other News you can use

* In early July we should have a free way to make some money online for those of you looking to make some part time income. It will be free to join more details in the next couple of weeks.

* Look for our New Forex Trading System/Signals in mid August it should be exciting!


Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions

Thank you



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