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May 18th, 2005


[Most Recent Quotes from]



Gold prices movedlower since my last Gold report last week. Gold is in a down channel currently and I continue to look for weakness as you can check my past couple of Newsletters for more insight on that. A close above $425 an ounce on the daily chart would be a small positive but it would probably run into more resistance at $430. I feel that we will see $412-$414 within the next week. It may try and build a little support here at $418-$420 but if the down channel holds there should be a day late this week or early part of next where Gold goes down $4 or more an ounce.

I just placed a BEAR contract with Betonmarkets on Gold based on the above information. It was actually placed through my BOM Guru service which you can read more about later in this newsletter.

Anyway the trade I just placed was a Bear Contract in Gold that on the close of May 26th that Gold will be Lower than $419.40 an ounce.



ALWAYS LOG INTO EGOLD VIA bookmark it and use your bookmark to go to the site rather than via any e-mail or link online.

PLEASE USE YOUR HEAD WHEN IT COMES TO E-MAIL. Egold/Paypal will NEVER e-mail you asking you to log in, so when you get an e-mail like that DELETE IT.



You can always find the current issue of Alley Cat News on the website under Newsletter.


YOUR $$$$$

I will be leaving this section to the site which is now open.

It deals with a lot of $$$ issues, from Mortgage, Taxes, Gas Prices, Everyday Expenses, Home Businesses, Making $$$ this week, Wasting $$$ and much much more. So check out the website if you want more information on $$$ ideas.

There is a lot more information on the New site so even if you went to the site this New site has MUCH more content so Check it out.

There is a lot of $$$ articles and ways to save on that website in the future and I will update you about it in future Alley Cat Newsletters.


Forex System Update

The New Forex Website is now available at


Below you will find a recent trade we made this week using the Forex Trading System. It was a Nice 49 pips winner on 1 forex contract that is worth almost $500!



Click for Large Image

Click the chart for a larger image.

The price of the Simple Forex system is just $99. You get 90 days of chat room support with your purchase and a 90 day money back guarantee!

**** The Simple Forex System price will be $199 starting in late June so if you want the discounted price you have roughly 30 days at the reduced price.

We also now an affiliate option with the Forex system where you can make $45 per sale you refer to the site. Check out the website and click on Affiliates at the bottom of the page.

10 referrals a month = $450 a month! No cost to become an affiliate.

We offer 90 day chat room support and now a 90 day money backguarantee so we are very different than most Forex Systems.



* The Betonmarkets Guru Service is up and running and doing GREAT. As of today May 18th our record is as follows.... 15 wins 4 losses and 1 tie on the Star 1 trades. And 1 win and 0 losses on the Star 2 trades. That is a 80% winning rate. I don't expect it too continue at that high of rate but remember with betonmarkets you only need to win 53% to make $$$ we are well above that! (I hope to hit at least mid 60's to low 70's %.)

If a person would have risked just $10.40 per trade on the Star 1 trades and $20.80 on the Star 2 trades they would have made a PROFIT of over $160 already for the month. If a person wasbetting $104 per 1 star and $208 per Star 2 trades they would have a profit of OVER $1600 FOR THE MONTH!!


How the Betonmarkets Guru Service works is....

1. You need a Betonmarkets (BOM) account (one that starts with MLT)

You can sign up for a free Betonmarkets account with the following link.


2. So now that you have a Betonmarkets thatstarts with MLT. (For example your account # would be MLT12345, IT MUST start with MLT which = MALTA jurisdication)

You can sign up for the BOM Guru Service that I offer if you so desire by clicking on the following link.


3. The cost for the first 30 days of service is just $1 which will come out of your BOM account. (That price willgo up later in June so if you want to test the Guru Service now is the time)

4. Now if you are signed up, each time I make a trade with my Betonmarkets account you will get an email from BOMstating what trade I just placed. So you could if you so desire go into your own BOM account and place the trade like I did. I DON'T MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS!! The Guru service is for entertainment purposes. I also DO NOT TRADE PEOPLE'S ACCOUNTS FOR THEM.

Some other notes.

Most of my trades are placed between 7am-10am est. Not all of them but I would say 80% of the trades are placed during that time frame. (Which is 11am-2pm GMT)

Trades will be in the Forex and Indices mostly with an occasional Stock trade.

Most trades are Intraday UP/DOWN bets that can last as little as 30 minutes to as much as 6-7 hours. I will have a few Super double trades (which are currently 2-1) and some bull/bear contracts as well.

So if you have an MLT BOM account and want to check us out go to our BOM GURU SERVICE



* is a new website. Its all about finances so if you are looking for good information on your $$$ that is the place to go. Also if you haveever gotten a forwarded email in your life check out the Forwarded Email Section.


* Another week means more HYIP closures. With so many trading systems available on the net and with Betonmarkets offering bets as small as $10 ($5 risk) its time for EVERYONE to stop investing in HYIP's and learn some trading in your spare time or another way to make some money. If you are still heavily invested in HYIP's makesure you are doing financial assessment at least every 6 months. Time your spending on it x the $$$ your getting out of it = is it worth it? If it isn't worth it look for other means of saving/making money.


* Sign up for our Free Trading Newsletter at


* My contact information is always at the bottom of each Newsletter.


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