You looking to earn $500+ a week???

Would you like to mentor to help you make money online?

My name is Steve Hoven and I work from home in various businesses.  I am willing to help a select few people get started in a business.  

I am mentoring people on how to make money online. THIS IS NOT ABOUT MAKING MONEY IN STOCKS, FOREX, HYIP ETC..   If you want guidance on those type things check out my other sites.

You MUST BE REALISTIC!!!  If you aren't making any money now you aren't going to be making $1,000 a week next week!

THIS IS A BUSINESS.  It is an online business you need to work at it as such.

My time is valauable and I don't want to waste it especially since I am not charging for these services. But I am willing to help a few people that want to WORK.

You must answer YES to ALL these questions in order to qualify!

1. Are you willing to chat with me via Yahoo messenger each day?

2. Are you willing to invest at LEAST $200 to work your business?

3. Are you willing to post on forums and advertise your business?

4.  Are you willing to refer people to your websites?

5. Are you willing to follow directions and be coachable?

6. Are you willing to commit to at least 90 days to this project assuming your making $$?

7. Are you willing to commit at least 20 hours of work a week? (remember this is for $500+)

8. Do you own a credit card?

If you answered YES to ALL those questions I think I can help you making some money online.

I am willing to help you but I won't do the work for you.  I don't hand hold or babysit. You have to have some desire to work on your own or this WILL NOT WORK!

I will mentor you and help you make money but you won't become rich off this.  You may earn a nice income and be able to work from home etc.. But this isn't stuff to make $100,000 a year etc..

Assuming you answered YES to the above 8 questions please answer the following questions for me and reply via email.

1. What country do you live in?

2. What type of marketing interests you? (MLM, affiliate marketing, GPT,)  Or don't you care you just want to make money?

3. How much time do you have to do an online business each week?

4. Do you have High speed Internet?

5.  How much money are you willing to invest in your business? (Assuming you will earn that money back the first money.)

6. When is the best time to chat via yahoo messenger? (I am usually available from early am-late afternoon EST.)


I am serious I will help you make money online. But I am also serious I WILL NOT WASTE MY TIME WITH PEOPLE UNWILLING TO WORK! 

I don't do well with a bunch of excuses. If you are going to pay me $500-$1,000  to mentor you then send me all the excuses you want. But if you are SERIOUS about working online and making some money I can help. BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T REPLY IF YOU AREN'T WILLING TO FOLLOW MY DIRECTIONS!   IT WILL JUST BE FRUSTRATING FOR BOTH OF US.


I reserve the right to remove this offer at any time. And I reserve the right to discontinue the mentorship program totally at any time.

If you are ready to get started or have any questions just drop me an email PLEASE PUT MENTOR in subject line :

Thank you 

Steve Hoven